“The impact of your lecture on our community was palpable, and incalculable...We can imagine how much energy and emotion you put into a lecture like that and we feel privileged to have benefitted from your generosity and talent.”
Rabbi Aryeh Lebowitz
Beis Ha-Kenesses of Woodmere
Rabbi Yehuda Septimus
Young Israel of North Woodmere

“...during and after your talks, the impact you had on the students was immeasurable. I say with certainty that they have never met someone with your personal strength, openness, sense of humor and religious depth. The Torah insights and life lessons you offered will stay with the students forever....”

Rabbi Yehuda Sarna
University Chaplain
New York University

“In seventeen years of observing youth conventions in NCSY, I’ve never before seen 300 teenagers give a speaker a standing ovation at 12:30 a.m. after a one hour speech! The range of topics in which you were able to inspire a group of teens in a breathtaking manner is in and of itself breathtaking!”

Rabbi Bezalel Friedman
National Conference of Synagogue Youth