These are just a few of the words that have been used to describe Dan Butler’s presentations:

… such hope and faith in the Jewish people

His story was inspiring. Although it was very sad, he told the story with such hope and faith in the Jewish people. I was overwhelmed with emotion, not just because of the sadness of the story, but also because of the power of the Jewish people.

… brings me closer to G-d

Every week I come to Meor the stories and things that we're taught during discussion I feel brings me closer to G-d and makes my belief in him even stronger. This week's guest lecturer was truly inspiring to me. The main message I took from last night was that life is truly fleeting. Everyone always says that life is short, but that's totally the wrong way to put it. Like everyone says you only live once so do all that you can. But what I gained from last night's lecture and Mickey Butler's story is that no matter what mood you're in and no matter who you're with, enjoy it. Enjoy the anger you feel, enjoy the happiness, the joy, the company, enjoy it all. Because in a flash, it will be gone. What really inspired me about Mickey and his character was that he didn't aspire to do a million things in his life, even though he knew it was going to be short. It seemed as though he enjoyed every second he had no matter what he was doing.  This is something as a teenager sometimes feels impossible. How am I supposed to enjoy every second I spend reading an orgo textbook over and over again, like why should I be enjoying something so miserable and mind numbing.  But that's just so wrong.  Sometimes I feel like we forget how incredibly special everything is around us. How lucky we are to have certain things, so instead of striving to achieve more and do more and more and more in life why don't we just do the most with what we already have and just wait to see what else G-d has in store for us. Let's let G-d choose what is coming for us and just enjoy the ride. After all he did place us here for a reason, and therefore he has a plan for us. After all my plan might not even be to become a doctor even though that's what I want so badly. Maybe there's something out there that I'm destined to do and I don't even know it. But until I figure that out and G-d leads me to that place, I should just enjoy what I have in the present right now. I'm gonna look back in a week from now and be like woah that was quick my finals are all over. Just like I'll look back in 10 years and say woah where did my life go now I have children and a husband. Did I enjoy what I had? Did I appreciate every second I had in the BU library that I will most likely never step foot in again? I sure hope so...  But we don't ever look at life that way, or at least I don't really. What I admired about Mickey is that he accepted what G-d had given him for some reason and he enjoyed it. He appreciated all that he had, he helped others when they came to the hospital, he strived to go to university like anyone else his age. And from the stories his father told, it didn't seem like he had a dull moment, it seemed like he enjoyed himself and the people around him. He was also lucky he had a support system and a huge Jewish community to fall back on. His story definitely gave me some comfort in that respect.  How luck we are to have literally what seems like millions of family members all having our backs at all times. Its truly amazing and something to be proud of.

… he inspired me

The speaker who came in for this class was definitely one of my favorites. He made us laugh, engaged us in thought, and even made us cry. Speaking of his home life, he inspired me to reflect upon my own. He made me feel really and truly lucky to be able to go about my day without any physical problems or difficulties with menial tasks, as well as being able to say that the rest of my family is happy and healthy. His story really hit home, knowing and volunteering with many children who have disabilities who happen to still be some of my good friends.

… all the characteristics Jews should strive to be

His story may not have made direct references to the laws and values of Judaism; however, this story did embody all the characteristics Jews should strive to be. These include being a mensch, caring about others, supporting your family, being a good role model, etc. We should also learn from this that we should not take our lives for granted. We are very blessed to live such healthy and happy lives.

… he never seemed to question G-d

Daniel suffered greatly and many unfair things seemed to happen to him, but he never seemed to question God or get angry with Him. In fact, the opposite seemed to happen

… this speech really touched me

The speaker this week was AMAZING. First of all I loved the way he presented his story and the way he spoke was just so cool and different. Second, his story was just so inspiring and beautiful. and third, I've never really gotten emotional over speeches but this one did make me tear a little but i have to admit. I really want to meet his family. I'm horrible at explaining in words but this speech really touched me. 
Thank you for another amazing class

… an unbelievable story teller

Not only did I think the story was incredible, but I just found him to be an unbelievable story teller. He had me completely mesmerized from beginning to end and you could see and feel all his emotion. However, I thought the best part was how he re-iterated some strong points in Judaism that really answered my “why do bad things happen to good people” question - he said “Sometimes G-d says yes, sometimes He says no, but He always listens” and I think that is a great way to think about a person’s relationship to G-d.

… captivating and emotional

He was very captivating and emotional throughout his entire speech. He did not lose my attention for a second, and really made me feel grateful that everything that I have. He was an amazing speaker from start to finish.

… moving and inspirational

The guest presentation was extremely moving and inspirational. One phrase that stuck with me was “if everyone put their problems on the table, everyone would take theirs back.”

… his speech motivated me

This guest speaker was the best I have ever heard. Not only did I not take my eyes and ears off of him, his stories brought me to tears. It made me realize the some of the things I worry about are not that big of a deal in the long wrong and some peoples worries are if they are going to live you know. I got home from this class and spent a lot of time researching his son. Kayla and I were even talking about people we know and ways we can use our friends in our sorority to raise awareness or money about kids dealing with these issues to help pay for medical bills or even write to a few while at that camp he was talking about. Although that may not happen, his speech motivated me to try and make a difference in someones life, just as his stories about his son made in mine. I really was inspired by his talk this week, and it really had me thinking. 
Thank you so much for the opportunity to go to this class and hear so many people talk about their lives and their stories and also getting to hear about how you live and the practices you keep!

… none are comparable

Daniel’s presentation let me reflect on my own life and the challenges God has given me, though none are comparable to the trauma in Daniel’s life.

… one small voice

I loved the way his story paralleled his faith in Judaism. It is incredible to see how just one person could affect so many others lives and how one small voice can change the way we look at the world.

… it was so amazing…

I was so moved by the guest presentation! It really made me think about how lucky I am to just have the basic functions as a human. It was so amazing...